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Welcome to the Warriors vocab site. I view that many people have trouble with rp as a good warrior. Many clans like advanced words, so here's some stuff you can read and study over to make others think you're smart :3


This vocab is available for anyone. I hope these words help you in your social class as a warrior. I will provide the words, definitions, and an example in the sentence.


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Unguis- claws, talons, nails

Fur- pelage, pelt

Nose- rhinarium, naries (nostrils)

Teeth- canines, dentures, fangs

Stomach- abdomen, torso

Tail- slender appendage, caudal, caudal appendage

Neck- windpipe, throat, larynx, pharynx, trachea, esophagus

Skull/top of head- Cranium

Top jaw- maxilla

Lower jaw- mandible


Face/Facial Expression - Countenance, Physiognomy, Visage, Mien

Ribs - Costas, Costae

Female - Feminine, Effeminate, Muliebrous

Male - Masculine, Virile

Strong - Stalwart, Tenacious, Juggernaut, Substantial, Mesomorphic

Evil - Ghastly, Nightmarish, Monstrous, Horrendous, Macabre

Over Weight - Stout, Corpulent, Abdominous, Pyknic, Endomorphic

Small, Skinny - Diminutive, Infinitesimal, Ectomorphic

Smooth/Glossy (Fur) - Sleek, Lustrous

Destructive - Ruinous, Catastrophic, Calamitous, Cataclysmic, Detrimental

Rough (Fur) - Coarse, Wiry

Beautiful - Prepossessing, Beauteous, Striking, Alluring

Handsome - Pulchritudinous, Striking, Alluring

Ugly - Grotesque, Repulsive, Vile, Repugnant, Ghastly, Hideous

Young - Adolescent, Juvenescence, Youthful

Old - Decrepit, Archaic, Antediluvian, Superannuate, Septuagenarian, Senile, Ancient

Harsh, Loud Sound(s), Lacking Harmony - Raucous, Cacophonous, Discordant, Inharmonious, Dissonant, Piercing

Tending to be Harmful - Inimical, Ruinous, Detrimental, Injurious, Deleterious, Noxious, Destructive

Not Rhythmic - Arrhythmic

Someone or Something that is Hated - Abhorrence, Abomination, Atrocity, Monstrosity

Glow - Luminescence, Fluorescence, Incandescent, Radiance

Red - Cerise, Rubicund, Crimson, Saffron, Coquelicot, Lateritious

Orange - Persimmon, Gamboge

Yellow-ish Cream - Icterine, Aureolin

Tan-ish Yellow - Arylide, Citrine, Maize, Tawny, Xanthous

Green - Viridescent, Malachite, Chartreuse

Blue - Cerulean, Ultramarine, Zaffre, Turquoise, Sapphire, Azure

Purple - Heliotrope, Lavender

Pink - Roseate, Amaranth, Begonia

Black - Sable, Atramentous, Atramental, Obsidian, Onyx, Coal, Ebony, Somber, Sombre, Soot, Charcoal, Ebon, Raven, Inky, Melanoid, Piceous,

Brown - Burnt Sienna, Sepia, Amber, Cinnamon

White - Alabaster, Achromic, Achromatic

Gray - Achromatic, Slate, Charcoal, Achromic

Hiss - Sibilate

Growl - Bellow, Snarl, Gnarr

Howl - Bay, Wail, Bellow, Ululate, Illatration

Walk - Amble, Perambulate, Saunter, Tread, Wend, Obambulate

Study - Scrutinize, Examine, Inspect

Yell - Vociferate, Ululate, Wail

Glare - Glower, Withering (Gaze), Piercing (Gaze)

Mourn, Grieve - Lament, Deplore, Bemoan

Placing Side by Side - Juxtapositional, Adjacency

Settle Down in One Place for a Short Time - Ensconced, Bivouac, Nestle, Situate, Cwtch

Approach and Speak to Someone in a Bold/Aggressive Manner - Accost, Confront, Encounter, Diatribe, Harangue, Polemic, Fulmination, Denunciation, Censure, Condemnation, Philippic

To Complain - Yawp, Repine, Inveigh, Protest

SCold - Admonish, Chastise, Castigate, Objurgate, Rebuke, Reprimand, Vituperate

Praise - Extol, Eulogize, Panegyrize, Commend

Emotional - Maudlin, Mawkish, Sentimental, Bathetic, Tender

Slander - Calumny, Defamation, Tarnish

Dodge (Avoid an Issue) - Equivocate, Circumlocute, Tergiversate

Plot, Scheme - Stratagem, Machination, Chicanery

Form a Concept or Idea - Conceptualize, Ideational

To Know, Understand - Cognize, Comprehend, Perceive, Assimilate

Suggest Something Bad - Insinuate, Imply, Connote, Betoken

Interrupt - Impede, Hinder, Inhibit

Through (Traveling) - Via, Per, Traverse

Be a Forewarning - Portend, Presage, Augur, Indicate, Foreshadow

Assumption that Something is the Truth - Postulate, Presume (the Thing), Hypothesize, Presuppose, Theorize, Speculate

To Wake Up - Expergefaction

Relax - Decompress, Recline, Laze, Repose, Alleviate

Stretch - Pandiculation

Shiver - Quiver, Quaver, Shudder

Announce - Proclaim, Promulgate, Enunciate, Annunciation

Twitch - Quiver, Tremble, Vellicate, Quaver

Flick - Vellicate, Whisk

Leave - Vacate, Withdraw, Absquatulate

Dig - Excavate, Gouge

Fall - Descend, Plummet

Hunt - Pursue, Hound

To Utter Curses (Put a Curse Upon) - Imprecate, Anathematize, Maledict, Execration

To Cuss - Blasphemy, Curse, Utilize Profanity

Hello - Greetings, Salutations

Goodbye - Farewell, Adieu, Valedictory

Left - Sinistral, Sinister

Right - Dextral, Dexter

Beginning/Cause - Commencement, Initiation, Inception, Engender, Foment, Instigate

Slightly - Vaguely, Moderately, Faintly, Marginally, Imperceptibly

LIghtly/Gently - Delicately, Airily, Tenderly, Faintly, Daintily, Ethereally, Breezily, Gingerly'

Quickly - Instantaneously, Hastily, Rapidly, Swiftly, Promptly, Expeditiously, Blive

Slowly - Imperceptibly, Scarcely, Gradually, Leisurely, Unhurriedly

Freely, Easily - Unhindered, Effortlessly, Unobstructed, Readily, Liberally, Facilely

Completely - Diametrically, Wholly, Utterly, Altogether

Opposite - Diametrically, Opposing, Conflicting, Incompatible, Irreconcilable, Antithetical, Contradictory, Divergent, Dissimilar

Effect - Ramification, Consequence, Result

Sudden - Instantaneous, Precipitous, Precipitate, Abrupt

As - Whilst, Comparatively, Essentially, Similarly

And - Alongside, Furthermore, Including, Moreover

While - Albeit, Whilst, Although, Supposing

Although - Howbeit, Albeit, Notwithstanding

Equal - Commensurate, Equivalent, Corresponding, Correspondent, Proportionate

Between - Betwixt, Amid, Amidst

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